Active Travelers, We Hear You.


We’re tired of the stuffy, lazy vacations that leave you feeling sluggish and – we’ll say it—heavy, upon your return. It’s time to experience the world and get in great shape in the process.

GEOFIT combines the best of experiential travel with custom-created fitness routines for all abilities.

Each destination has been selected based on its unique settings and cultural experience.

Available small-group course offerings have been meticulously created to showcase the beauty of your surroundings and provide you with a variety of fitness boxing, strength, cardio, and recovery workouts for a balanced experience.

Our hope is that you return rejuvenated, energized, and in even better shape than when you left.  Not only do we anticipate this to be a once in a lifetime, incredibly fun experience, but we want you to learn new fitness routines, movement patterns, and exercise modalities that will improve your health and fitness levels long after the duration of this trip...a truly life changing experience is our mission!

What's included:

All workouts – ranging from high intensity cardio and fitness boxing to recovery and stretching/mobility workshops, custom tailored to your fitness levels and interest. Workout as much or as little as you’d like. This is your vacation to create!

All lodging - We’ve hand picked beautiful accommodations in amazing locations around the world for each trip.

Meals -Delicious and (mostly) healthy meals are included with the trips. Most trips cover 2-3 meals per day and will indicate so under each specific trip’s inclusions.

Excursions - Tons of incredible tours and activities are all included.

Please note: Schedules vary by destination. Travel to and from destination is not included, unless otherwise indicated.

Each workshop ends with a special party celebrating your hard work.

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