Whether you’re learning for the first time, just need a refresher in boxing technique, or already experienced and seeking a step up on the competition, this workshop will cover proper stance, basic footwork, the main punches, combinations, and defensive moves. We might also add other MMA techniques such as kicks, knees, elbows, clinch, sprawl, etc. (There is no sparring nor full contact to ensure everyone's safety)



We step up the boxing game to a faster pace designed to accelerate heart rate, burn calories, and improve cardiovascular and respiratory function. This workshop also includes many body weight calisthenics such as jumping jacks, burpees, high knees, squat/lunge jumps, etc.



Round out your trip with targeted strength training. Use body weight resistance or external resistance (weights, sand bags, bands, ropes, etc) alongside pushups, sit-ups, rows, lunges, squats, bridges, planks, presses, curls, tri extensions, calf raises, deadlifts and so much more.



Take some time to take care of yourself with this class geared towards stretching, mobility/stability training, balance work, yoga movements, smaller joint exercises, myofascial release therapy, animal flow, get-ups, breathing drills and techniques, neuromuscular activation training, etc..  (Pool or spa therapies available with some destinations.)



Explore the fitness specialty of each destination while taking in breathtaking scenery from a local’s point of view. This might include running, biking, climbing, hiking, kayaking, surfing or local sport participation. Each class will be unique to the destination and a workout you won’t want to miss!



Want a private session? Need some one-on-one instruction in an exotic location? We can arrange a private workout of your choosing during your GEOFIT trip! 

(Subject to additional fees.)



All workouts are included in your geofit adventure* 

Workout as much or as little as you please. This menu of workouts is available for your enjoyment throughout your trip.

*Individual sessions subject to additional fees