Luke has been my personal trainer for 5 years. I’ve learned so much about physiology, boxing, and exercise in that time! I’ve also brought friends, family and my partner to do joint sessions knowing how much they’d enjoy working with Luke. He trains all ages, is constantly learning, easy-going, funny, motivating and flexible. I came into our first session not able to do a single pushup. Within a few sessions, I could do ten perfect pushups. Work with Luke, you’ll get addicted!
— Angelina L.

Luke has been an integral part of my journey to achieving my fitness goals. Through his vast understanding of health and fitness, he has been able to tailor my workouts to help maximize my results; while also keeping me focused and motivated along the way. Under his tutelage, I continue to set new personal records every time I step in the gym. Simply put, Luke is the best!
— Victoria F.

I’ve had personal trainers before, but Luke was amazing! He provided me with a variety of workouts to challenge and push my body and increase my performance. His boxing regimen and training were tough but awesome! ...I’m twice the athlete I was before working with Luke!
— E.J.

I was very reluctant and skeptical about doing a fitness retreat. I had never done one before, and I had never boxed either. My friend talked me into going, and it ended up being one of my favorite vacations that I have ever been on! Not only was it a really fun experience, but it changed my outlook on health and fitness. I learned exercises that have gotten me in much better shape and also fixed my lower back pain. I will definitely do another fitness retreat with GEOFIT!
— Emily M

Thanks to him I am in the best shape of my life. I wish I could gift training sessions with him to everyone I care about. He is an extraordinary trainer and fitness expert who brings out the best in his clients. His workouts are fun and challenging and always leave me exhilarated and energized - not exhausted or depleted like other workouts can. After my third child I was ready to get fit and turned to Luke to train me for a Spartan Race. He had me ready for the big day and I could not have done it without him.
— Preeti M